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Requesting Drexel Act 48 Credit Hours

Drexel Act 48 Hours are not reported automatically. To have your appropriate hours of Act 48 Credit Hours reported for your participation in the “PEDC Reversing the Trends: PEDC 2024 Summit,”please go to


If this is your first time requesting hours from Drexel, you will need to follow the registration instructions below on the site.

Step 1 – Create Account on Comply

  • Visit -

  • Click Register Here

  • Enter the following Registration Token

    • PLeNgJdgxYsYLNBZoYnJcKRy23b

  • Follow the onscreen directions to finish registering your account

  • Verify your account – see verification email


Step 2 – Log Into Comply and Start a Request

  • Log into Comply

  • From the menu on the left, select Available Requests

  • You will need to select the Request for Act 48 Hours option

  • Read the instructions and Start Request

  • Follow the onscreen directions


Important Notes

  • Act 48 Credits Hours are ONLY available for holders of PA instructional I and II Teaching Certificates. The Credit Hours are provided as follows depending on the number of Days you attended the PDE 2024 Summit:

        - June 25 (Day 1) 6 Hours

       - June 25 & 26 (Days 1 & 2) 12 Hours

       - June 25, 26 & 27 (Days 1, 2 & 3) 18 Hours

  • Only request one of the above options and the option MUST match the attendance records of the choice selected reported. 

  • Once your request has been received, approved and submitted to PDE/PERMS you will receive a confirmation email.

  • To view your current Continuing Education credits, you can log into the PERMS system with your PPID:

  • If you need help with Comply, please click on the Support link in the upper right hand corner of Comply's web site and submit a New Support Ticket.

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Contact Larry Keiser at or call (215) 895-1276

Note: The phone is not monitored 24/7. It is likely that you will need to leave a voice mail message and the call will be returned in a day or so. Email is the BEST way to handle any issue.

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