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Teacher FRC Associates Program

The Teacher FRC Associates Program invites teachers across the United States and around the world to become active members of the Freddie Reisman Center for Translational Research in Creativity and Motivation (FRC). The Program provides teachers with access to the Teacher Portal which provides resources including; creativity and motivational instructional modules, recorded demonstrations of creativity and motivational teaching, person-to-person interaction with creativity researchers providing feedback and analysis, and access to an interactive space where teachers collaborate on how to bring creativity into their teaching practice. 

FRC Teacher Associates can access assessment and evaluation tools via the interactive Teacher Portal to share formative feedback on using FRC resources, particularly the creativity and motivation modules. 

Learn more about the Teacher FRC Associates Program and how to apply by clicking on the link below.

Teacher FRC Associates Portal

Teacher FRC Associates can login to the Portal using the Drexel Learn link

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Teacher FRC Associates

Teacher Associates
Ericka Pitman.JPG

Ericka M. Pitman

K-8 Educator, M.A. Instructional Technology

E.d.D Candidate, Drexel University

  • LinkedIn

Melissa M. Schmitz, Ed.D.

Founder & Executive Coach 


Workplace for Innovative, Sustainable Education & Human Development


Eden Callahan

K-4 Elementary Teacher

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