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Creativity Module 7:

Enhancing Elaboration


Background Information:

Elaboration involves adding detail whether it be written, oral or drawing situations.



Elaboration Writing Strategies 1.

Describe a Place in Detail. At times when writing, we overlook the significance of describing a place in detail, as they might consider other aspects of the story more essential. Adding more information about the place where the story occurs can enhance the reader's experience by allowing them to imagine themselves in that particular place It makes the characters and events seem more authentic. To practice elaboration regarding the story place, write a paragraph describing only that place (Verner, 2011).

Elaboration Writing Strategies 2.

Use Specific Words to Paint Pictures. Look at the following examples:

  • Mary sang a song.

  • Mary belted out a song.

  • Mary squeaked out a song.

  • Mary sang a song very quietly in a large space.

The speaker sang a song in each sentence, but the images are quite different when visualized in the mind (Verner, 2011).

Elaboration Writing Strategies 3.

Show How Something Feels, Smells, Tastes, Sounds or Looks. Elaboration helps us to expand a description of something using the five senses and asking someone to identify what is being described, e.g., when describing an apple, one could elaborate by stating that “it’s round and usually red, it feels smooth, it smells sweetish, it tastes juicy. (Verner, 2011)”

Elaboration Writing Strategies 4.

Compare Two Different Things Through Simile or Metaphor


A simile is a phrase that compares two things using the words like or as.

  • He is as nervous as a cat.

  • She is like a racing car.

 Both phrases compare a person to another object.

 A metaphor compares two things by saying that one is the other.

  •  The boy was a nervous cat hiding behind the couch.

  • The girl was a racing car moving so fast.

Elaboration Writing Strategies 5.

Show Someone’s Feelings Through What They Do

Communicate feelings through actions. Instead of writing, She was exalted, write about the character’s actions. She was exalted. She jumped up from her seat and let out a whoop of excitement. She could hardly contain her energy as she danced around the room, her heart racing with joy. She grabbed her phone and called her friends, telling them the good news with a voice that was breathless with excitement. She couldn't sit still, and she paced back and forth, feeling like she was on top of the world.



Perform pre-post assessments that reflect the Elaboration Module activities; that is, for each activity above, observe improvement as a result of practice in the specific activity.

 i. Describe a Place in Detail. Does the amount and quality of detail improve with practice?

 ii. Use Specific Words to Paint Pictures. Are more action words apparent with practice

 iii. Using the five senses. Are 5 senses words more prevalent with practice?

 iv. Are Similes or Metaphors employed more with practice?

 v. Communicate feelings through actions. Do writing activities improve regarding this goal ?

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